In a recent project I was working on a back-end service (my happy place). Eventually it came time to do some integration testing and I had to compile the front end. When I ran npm install, to my surprise, npm downloaded no less than thirty thousand packages. Thirty Thousand. For a Single Page Application. The app looked great, to be clear. And I want to also clarify that I don’t think this reflects on the front-end developer, in my experience this is pretty standard.
I had a recent urge to get back to my roots (no pun intended). This means different things to everyone, but for me it meant getting my hands dirty and creating something physical. I believe getting your hands literally dirty has some sort of thereputic affect on the mind, but I’m neither qualified nor elequent enough to speak to that. I am however qualified to say getting dirt on your hands and being able to touch something you’ve created feels good.
The Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is one of the most famous NP-Complete problems. If somehow you have not heard of it, the general idea is this: Given a number of points on some coordinate system, is there a Hamiltonian cycle of length n? Though it has evolved now to asking for the smallest n, rather than a given n. The Gentior algorithm is specified in a 1990 paper by D’Ann Fuquay and Darrell Whitley, Genetic Algorithm Solutions for the Traveling Salesman Problem.